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Innovative memory and storage solutions enable industrial IoT

Micron has a complete portfolio of memory and storage technologies to create "smarter" IoT devices (Internet of Things devices) for a wide assortment of industries.

Micron can provide the right memory and storage technologies for any industrial IoT application, with a wide array of form factor, power, performance, capacity and lifecycle options.


Industrial IoT applications

Industrial technology is evolving into the industrial IoT. As systems get smarter and guide data-driven decisions, they require a growing footprint of high performance, low power consumption, and long-life memory and storage.

Internet of Things gateways and edge servers

Industrial transformation requires new edge devices and gateways to convert data into insights. Micron’s industrial memory and storage solutions address needs from infrastructure to AI at the edge.
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Winning the race to the IoT edge

Learn how Micron fuels the Internet of Things edge to bridge enterprise and industrial systems in markets such as factory automation, oil and gas, smart cities, video security, health care and many others.
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Innovate for the IoT edge with Micron memory and storage

Network edge solutions perform in near real time and host IoT platforms, making Micron’s memory and storage essential components for AI inferencing, predictive maintenance and data historians.
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Prepare your edge strategy with memory and storage in mind

Building an edge strategy isn't a sprint but a marathon. There's a huge appetite and excitement for having greater intelligence at the edge to drive insights from data where it is created.
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Ambarella selects Micron for edge AI perception SoC platform

Learn how memory is playing a vital role in next generation innovations such as computer vision and other forms of edge AI perception.
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Industrial automation

Industrial internet technologies use connected, smart machines to improve operational efficiency. Industrial PCs and embedded solutions rely on Micron’s products and platform level support to accelerate time to market.
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Get ready for READY robotics

As global supply chains and production become strained, manufacturers look to automation technologies — artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics — as solutions.
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One source for medical memory and storage solutions

Micron memory and storage solutions support manufacturers of consumer medical equipment, portable telehealth monitoring systems, medical imaging, and medical robotics solutions.
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Building solutions with industrial-grade products matters

Medical, transportation and critical infrastructure businesses require powerful, reliable computing cores. Micron’s industrial-grade memory enables best-of-breed computer-on-modules.
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Edge applications with object-recognition development kits

Learn why Renesas selected Micron memory and storage technologies for use in its industrial development board.
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Aerospace and defense

Micron is a U.S. based manufacturer that supports the broadest product portfolio of leading-edge memory and storage solutions aligned to aerospace and defense market requirements.
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Mercury Systems and Micron memory solutions

Delivering semiconductor supply chain integrity through industry partnerships.
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Trusted microelectronics

From fabrication to space — Micron and Mercury Systems's semiconductor partnership delivers trusted and secure memory solutions fit for the harshest environments.
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High-density memory for critical aerospace and defense applications

From die level to space systems, learn about the unique partnership between Micron and Mercury Systems and why these high-performance memory and storage products matter to aerospace and defense.

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Advantages of chip-scale for high-speed processing modules

The performance of modern edge processing solutions is becoming limited by traditional design methodologies. Join Micron and Mercury Systems as they discuss the technologies required to deliver leading performance at chip scale.

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Video security

The video security industry is using AI-enabled cameras and cloud-based IoT security solutions. Micron’s video security specific memory and storage solutions ensure that these IoT security systems run reliably.

Edge storage is growing with AI-enhanced video security

The growth of AI-enabled cameras in video IoT security applications requires storage designed to handle concurrent high quality video recordings, such as application-optimized microSD cards.

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Mobile video security meets security grade microSD cards

With the use of mobile video security systems, a huge volume of data is generated that requires system optimization among the components — which requires Micron’s industrial microSD cards.

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Micron industrial microSD cards for edge storage

Learn more about Micron’s industrial microSD cards for AI-enabled cameras in video IoT security applications and data storage at the edge.
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Trends and use cases for VSaaS

Video security as a service (VSaaS) and edge-based solutions are becoming an integral part of security plans. In this webinar, experts discuss VSaaS technology trends and use cases.

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Intelligent choices for your IoT designs

Get reliable performance for a variety of conditions with Micron’s memory and storage products—delivering high capacities and industrial temperature options in several small form factors.

DDR3 is a great solution for compute and embedded systems.

Whether on the manufacturing line or on an oil rig, accelerate your product development and get to market faster with tested and proven Micron DRAM.

Our RDIMMs are built with what may be the industry�s most reliable memory components.�

Need a specific DIMM product? Micron likely manufactures it. Rigorously tested to high-performance standards, our modules are ideal for most industrial designs.

Server Solutions: Micron's 3D NAND technology uses an innovative process architecture.

Industrial products are being asked to do more and ever faster. Our SLC, MLC, TLC, Serial and 3D NAND help make that possible.

Consumer Soltions: Fully managed NAND like eMMC, UFS and SSDs make it easier.

Trucking, farming, distribution — embedded flash applications are everywhere. And designing them is complex. Fully managed NAND like e.MMC and SSDs make it easier.

Micron Memory Card 1.5TB

Ideal for mission-important IoT applications that require robust memory, our memory cards provide industrial-grade performance, reliability, quality, longevity and security.

Industrial IOT an Automotive Solutions: NAND based MCP package with 162-ball configuration

With critical features built in, multichip packages streamline implementation and deliver performance, quality, efficiency, density and temperature ranges at a minimal size.

Solution pages - Parallel Nor, 64-ball FBGA configuration

Looking for a fast, bootable memory solution that is also reliable, easy to implement and requires minimal management? Micron NOR flash is what you’re looking for.


SSDs are revolutionizing IoT. Micron’s industrial SSDs deliver optimal performance, high capacities, increased reliability and industrial temperature options in small form factors.


What is IoT (Internet of Things)?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of objects that feature sensors, software and other technologies to exchange data with central systems over the Internet or other networks.

What is the industrial internet of things (IIoT)? 

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is the use of internet-connected devices, sensors and software to collect and analyze real-time data from industrial equipment and processes. These devices live at “the edge” (as opposed to in the data center) to collect and transmit data to the cloud for further processing. Because the devices are in physical proximity to what they are monitoring, this arrangement improves efficiency, productivity, security, and safety. The devices tend to be more sophisticated than consumer IoT devices, as they are used in mission-critical services.

How do Micron memory and storage solutions enable industrial IoT?

With AI, industrial IoT systems are getting smarter and processing more data, so they require high performance, low power consumption and long-life memory and storage — all in a small footprint. Micron provides exactly this — a wide array of form factors, power, performance, capacity and lifecycle solutions.

Some examples:

  • IoT gateways and edge servers: Industrial transformation requires new edge devices and gateways to convert data into insights. Micron’s industrial memory and storage solutions address these needs from infrastructure to AI at the edge, including data collection and transmission to the cloud.
  • Medical Automation: Micron memory and storage solutions support medical device manufacturers, portable telehealth monitoring systems, medical imaging, and medical robotics solutions. 
  • Aerospace and Defense: U.S.-based Micron supports the broadest product portfolio of leading-edge memory and storage solutions aligned to aerospace and defense market requirements.
  • Video Security: Video security systems in vehicles require a huge volume of data storage, processing, and communication — which translates to huge amounts of high performance, low power memory and storage.
Why are Micron memory and storage solutions a good fit for Industrial IoT?

Six reasons why Micron Technology excels in Industrial IoT:

  • An unmatched portfolio of memory and storage technology solutions — including DRAM, NAND, NOR, multichip packaging, Memory Card and SSDs. Micron delivers the right solution for any IoT application, regardless of the size, power, or performance requirements.
  • Expertise in embedded systems means Micron has a deep understanding of embedded systems — the foundation of many IoT devices. This expertise allows Micron to design and manufacture solutions optimized to individual embedded systems.
  • Global Reach allows Micron to support customers around the world. That’s important for IoT devices, which are often deployed in remote locations.
  • Innovation never stops at Micron, where we’re constantly developing new memory and storage technologies that meet the needs of emerging IoT applications.
  • Partnerships are key at Micron, where we develop end-to-end solutions with a wide range of IoT companies, including device manufacturers, software developers, and cloud providers.
  • Commitment to Quality means Micron delivers high-quality memory and storage solutions backed by rigorous product testing to ensure they meet IoT demanding requirements.