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Teen preps for virtual game play

Augmented & virtual reality

From high-end VR headsets to cutting-edge AR glasses, Micron’s ultrasmall, low-power memory and storage to deliver advanced features and performance in a tightly constrained industrial design.
Large TV screen streaming video content

Video delivery

Micron memory and storage solutions support video delivery via smart TVs, set-top boxes and a broad array of over-the-top streaming devices.
Home living room set up with intelligent devices like TV, lights

Intelligent home

An intelligent home can “do it all,” connecting a broad array of capable devices in the home while providing security, entertainment, comfort and management. Micron’s memory and storage solutions improve performance and enable consumers to manage devices in their homes.
Young man plays video game using handheld gaming console.

Handheld gaming

Handheld gaming systems provide for AAA gaming on the go and enhance a player’s portable experience. Micron memory and storage enables the cutting-edge performance requirements of AAA gaming devices.

Augmented & virtual reality

User interfaces are moving closer to the human “sensory” edge. From computer keyboards of the 1980s to pocket-sized smartphones to AR glasses and VR headsets, potentially in-body devices, compute, storage and user-interfaces are moving closer to the human senses.
Young woman wearing VR headset looking up and readying for mixed reality experience.

AR and VR, the next generation of user interfaces

The potential "next step" in user interfaces — connecting users to the digital world — are augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) products that combine low-power, high-performance DRAM solutions and optimized power consumption.

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Young man using virtual reality headset

Micron low-power memory and storage solutions and Snapdragon® XR2 Gen 2

Micron’s press announcement for its low-power double data rate 5X (LPDDR5X) DRAM and Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 3.1 embedded solutions — now qualified on Qualcomm Technologies’ latest extended reality (XR) platform, Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2.

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Look what's helping automate the world

Micron’s memory and storage solutions enable consumer applications to enrich people’s lives and automate their worlds — in their homes and throughout their lives.

Low-power DRAM

Accelerate product development and get to market faster with tested and proven Micron DRAM — whether it’s inside a smart TV or in a VR headset.

Consumer Soltions: Fully managed NAND like eMMC, UFS and SSDs make it easier.

Mobile, home and automotive — embedded flash applications are everywhere. Designing for them is complex. Fully managed NAND like eMMC, UFS and SSDs make it easier.

Industrial IOT an Automotive Solutions: NAND based MCP package with 162-ball configuration

With critical features built in, multichip packages deliver performance, quality, efficiency, density and temperature ranges, and smaller size — all while streamlining implementation.

Server Solutions: Micron's 3D NAND technology uses an innovative process architecture.

SLC, MLC, TLC, serial and 3D NAND, embedded flash solutions are rapidly expanding what consumer and home products can do — and helping them do it faster.

Dram GDDR6 for automotive solutions. Address the enormous bandwidth demands of state-of-the art AD platforms.

Address the enormous demands of graphics processing with Micron’s GDDR5, GDDR5X and GDDR6 graphics memory products, offering high densities and high bandwidth. Their discrete design simplifies integration, making them an ideal solution for next-generation, high-performance graphics systems like graphics cards and game consoles, as well as for networking, automotive and high-performance computing applications.

Solution pages - Parallel Nor, 64-ball FBGA configuration

Looking for the fastest, bootable memory solution that’s also reliable and easy to implement yet requires minimal management? Micron NOR flash is the answer. 

Micron Memory Card 1.5TB

Enhance the everyday experience of recording, sharing and enjoying more content faster with the world’s highest-capacity Micron microSD cards.

Consumer solutions FAQs

How does virtual reality work? 
Virtual reality immerses you in lifelike visual experiences. The technology essentially replaces your surroundings with a software-designed world — with computer vision and advanced graphics building realistic 3D imagery and videos. To engage with the VR world, you use a VR headset equipped with lenses, controllers and sensors. The sensors allow you to fully experience immersive VR.
How much memory and storage does a VR headset use?
To ensure a glitch-free, seamless experience, most VR headsets require 8GB to 16GB of RAM and to a baseline of 128GB of storage.
How much memory do handheld gaming consoles have?
The required RAM varies, based on the specific games you want to play. The highest-performing gaming consoles have 16GB of RAM, so you’ll want to match with 16GB of RAM in your gaming PC. No matter your platform of choice, lightning fast speeds are needed to create seamless, immersive experiences. 
What does memory do in a handheld gaming console?
Having enough RAM ensures you a smooth gaming experience. Having too little RAM leads to lagging frame rates or overall poor performance. Game developers typically suggest RAM capacity, and as these uses grow, it’s wise to factor in your future RAM needs.
How does memory and storage work in streaming services?
When you stream media, your device retrieves data in real-time as you watch it. That means sufficient memory and storage are critical. Streaming video is buffered to RAM or to your storage SSD. If the RAM is full, the data goes to your storage and then back to RAM, so both memory and storage are crucial elements of successful streaming.
Do home automation systems require memory and storage?
Today’s smart homes make it easier than ever to automate everything, from lighting and climate to entertainment and appliances. They feature remote programming, voice control, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more — all of which require low-power memory and storage optimized for always-on devices. Memory and storage provide the necessary densities and reliability to power and store sensor data and user preferences.