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Client memory and SSD solutions

Micron’s flexible memory and storage powers PCs from thin and light notebooks that last all day on a single battery charge to powerful data-hungry workstations. Combine that with the performance to supercharge your gaming PC—and you have the formula to win.

Client applications

Personalization of your personal computer has never been easier.

Micron memory and storage enables large, complex projects, including streaming, video editing, CAD drawing, 3D modeling—even lab simulations. Or maybe you want to run complex AI algorithms? Now you have the storage and memory to do it.

Whether you’re editing photos and videos, or crunching spreadsheet numbers, Micron’s top-of-the-line DRAM, SSDs and graphics memory supercharge your desktop like nothing else.

You’re on the move, so make sure your laptop keeps up with you. From spreadsheets to term papers, get powerful performance and long battery life with Micron’s DRAM and SSDs.

The growing gaming segment continuously pushes the performance boundaries of PCs. Micron graphics memory, cutting-edge DDR5 and SSDs deliver agility and speed—because gamers crave performance as much as they crave winning.

Designed for small form-factors and long battery life, low-power DRAM and M.2 SSDs deliver maximum performance for sleek, powerful machines.

There’s a Client System for Everyone

Micron has the memory and storage products to fill the needs of client systems, no matter which unique form factor is preferred.

Micron LPCAMM2
Micron LPCAMM2 brings the high-performance, low-power benefits of LPDDR5X in a small modular form factor to markets like laptop PCs and beyond. To learn more about this innovative new form factor, read our product brief.
Our client SSDs bring fast NVMe performance, low power, advanced security, a small footprint and optimum portability to client computing.
Green PCB DDR5 image
The latest generation of DRAM is more than just a generational improvement—with 2x the effective bandwidth of DDR4, DDR5 delivers the robust performance required for today’s most demanding PC workloads. DDR5 has twice the banks and bank groups to increase data bus efficiency while increasing bandwidth and speed at a low operating voltage of 1.1V. Micron DDR5 is shaping the future of performance with memory innovation.
DDR4 is the best mainstream generation of DRAM technology. Features power saving, performance enhancement, manufacturability.

DDR4 is the mainstream DRAM technology today, with performance, power savings, and reliability for the client market. With data rates up to 3200 MT/s, an operating voltage of 1.2V, DDR4 delivers balanced performance and energy savings to meet the needs of mainstream computing.

Built to consume less power, our client LPDRAM solutions enable thin and light notebooks to achieve a delicate balance of peak computing performance and all-day battery life while maintaining a sleek, portable form factor.

Dram GDDR6 for automotive solutions. Address the enormous bandwidth demands of state-of-the art AD platforms.

Address the enormous demands of graphics processing with Micron’s GDDR5, GDDR6 and the world’s fastest discrete graphics memory solution, GDDR6X. The design simplifies integration, and delivers ultra-high speeds and bandwidth, making them an ideal solution for next-generation graphics systems like graphics cards, game consoles and high-performance computing applications.

Global customer labs

We have thirteen Global Customer Labs strategically located close to your design and manufacturing teams to foster collaboration from the inception of your designs, through the product execution phase. Here, we work collaboratively to help you capitalize on the capabilities of our memory and storage solutions at the system level.