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Explore Micron NOR flash memory

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Xccela™ NOR flash

Xccela™ flash memory meets the demand for instant-on performance and fast system responsiveness in automotive, industrial, consumer and networking applications.

Serial NOR flash

Serial peripheral interface (SPI) NOR flash is used in an array of applications for boot code, program code and data storage. Micron offers a broad range of serial NOR flash products in a wide choice of packages and temperature ratings.

Parallel NOR flash

Micron offers parallel NOR in a range of densities and temperature ratings to meet diverse customer requirements.

Twin-quad NOR flash

MT25T twin-quad serial NOR flash combines two quad I/0 devices into a single package to create an x8 interface while maintaining the same footprint as serial NOR flash.

NOR flash memory solutions

NOR flash is used in a wide array of applications that require fast code execution, high reliability and secure data storage. Micron offers a broad portfolio of octal, serial and parallel NOR flash solutions to meet demanding requirements of automotive, industrial, consumer and networking applications. Get the performance you need, backed by years of Micron's expertise in flash memory.
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Using advanced process technology, robust design methodologies and stringent dedicated testing flow, Micron NOR provides instant-on solutions for instrument cluster and dashboard, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS).
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Industrial multimarket

Micron NOR flash solutions help designers reduce board space, lower power consumption and improve reliability of embedded systems such as IPC/factory automation, machine-to-machine/5G, healthcare and industrial transportation.
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Micron NOR solutions provide fast code execution, low voltage and small footprint options to meet the design requirements of consumer products such as home automation, wearables, AR/VR, cameras and printers.
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Enterprise communication demands fast, robust and secure networking equipment. Micron NOR brings reliability, endurance and low latency to networking applications such as radio access networks (RAN), edge computing, and optical and fixed access networks.
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Micron NOR flash memory

Today’s applications demand an unprecedented combination of features, including high-density fast data throughputs, secure data storage, architectural flexibility and long-term product support.

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Micron Xccela™ flash memory

Xccela™ flash memory sets a new record for NOR speeds to meet the demand for instant-on performance and fast system responsiveness in automotive, industrial, consumer and networking applications.

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Frequently asked questions

What applications benefit the most from NOR flash memory products?

Any application that needs to be powered on quickly can benefit from NOR memory’s instant-on capabilities. NOR flash devices are primarily used for reliable code storage (boot, application, OS and execute-in-place [XIP] code in an embedded system) and frequently changing small data storage.

What are the advantages of Micron NOR XccelaTM products?

XccelaTM flash memory offers direct XIP operation, saving valuable board space and eliminating the need for code shadowing.  

What are the design considerations for using NOR flash memory?

Micron’s industry-standard packaging, pinouts, command sets, and chipset support and compatibility make NOR flash memory easy to design-in, saving valuable development time while ensuring compatibility with existing and future designs.

What temperature ranges are available on Micron NOR chips?

Micron NOR products offer a choice of temperature ranges to address a variety of applications: full industrial (–40° to 85° C), grade 2 (–40° to 105° C) and grade 1 (–40° to 125° C) temperature ranges.