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Advanced Computing Solutions

Advanced Computing Solutions offer the industry’s leading technology for high-performance computing. Built on FPGA technologies and targeted at PCI Express® (PCIe®)-based HPC or stand-alone embedded applications, our modular and highly scalable architecture delivers orders-of-magnitude performance gains, reduced energy costs, small form factors and simplified application designs.


To turn todays’ data deluge into insight and competitive advantage we need computing systems with amazing speed and energy-efficiency. A powerful technique to achieve this is to offload compute-intensive workloads onto accelerators – special-purpose devices engineered to perform specialized tasks much more rapidly than general-purpose computing systems.

Micron’s compact and highly-scalable FPGA-based accelerator solutions deliver remarkable performance and offer simple application integration for a wide range of advanced algorithms. 

Deep Learning Accelerators

Deep Learning uses neural networks to perform tasks such as machine vision, voice recognition and natural language processing. Trained models are often deployed across many devices such as cellphones to derive insight from new data – a process called inference.

Micron’s Deep Learning Accelerators enable inference tasks to be carried out much more rapidly, using much less energy, than general-purpose computers.

Developers can easily harness our technology explore and deploy Deep Learning models using a wide range of popular open source frameworks to solve previously-intractable data analytics problems from the edge to the cloud. 

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AI/DL Platform Overview

Fully Integrated SDK

  • Broad deep learning framework support
  • Easy to use toolset; software programmability
  • Ability to run on multiple neural networks simultaneously

Deep Learning Compiler

  • Compiles trained network directly to inference engine machine code
  • Underlying hardware is abstracted away
  • Feature rich & designed to optimize for specific use cases

Advanced Accelerators

  • FPGA solutions with high performance memory available for prototyping or early deployments
  • Scale with multiple cores
  • Integrated with SDK to fully utilize silicon resources

Advanced Accelerators

Our modular and massively scalable architecture, built upon advanced memory and field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technologies, brings industryleading performance, high-compute density, energy efficiency and simplified application design to a whole new level.

Advanced Accelerator Products

AC-511 module uses a Xilinx Virtex Ultrascale+ FPGA. It is performance and bandwidth together.

AC Series HPC Modules

Our business card-sized, high-performance computing (HPC) modules are the foundational building blocks for a truly scalable system based on the PCI Express® (PCIe®) standard.
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EX-750 backplane provides independent PCIe x8 Gen3 buses to each�AC Series module mounted on it.

HPC Backplanes

Modular, scalable performance delivered. Our two classes of HPC backplanes are designed to yield the highest performance and compute density while simplifying design and deployment to fit specific computing needs.
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SB-852 is full-height, GPU-length. PCIe x16 Gen3 board with a Xilinx�Virtex Ultrascale+ FPGA.

HPC Single-Board Accelerators

Highest performance. Our single-board compute solutions combine FPGA-based compute power with our fastest memory technologies to meet the most challenging system requirements.
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SC6-4U data center system

HPC Data Center Systems

Solving the world’s most difficult computing challenges. Our industrial-grade, FPGA-accelerated, rack-mounted HPC data center system is orders of magnitude faster than conventional servers while maintaining a small physical footprint and consuming a fraction of the energy.
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SC6-Mini desktop system

HPC Desktop Systems

High performance for desktops. Our HPC desktop solution is a flexible, high-performance supercomputer in a low-power, small-footprint form factor that provides a frictionless path for upgrades, is easy to use when coupled with OpenCL and the PicoFramework, and can be configured with any of our PCIe FPGA-based accelerator boards.
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HPC Development Environment


The highly efficient, Linux-based PicoFramework provides a vital link between your application software running on a host computer and the hardware algorithm, or firmware, implemented on the Micron Advanced Computing series FPGA modules. The FPGA becomes a customized, efficient, powerful and scalable processor — optimized for your specific workload. The PicoFramework delivers a powerful but invisible active intelligence that manages the board-level implementation of FPGA designs, as well as data flow, memory management, system communication and monitoring/debug. 

OpenCL Standard

As part of our focus on streamlining and speeding the design of FPGA-based HPC systems, Micron Advanced Computing Solutions support the OpenCL standard, a parallel programming framework that compiles C-like code to a variety of computing and processing platforms, including FPGAs.

For more information on the OpenCL standard please visit OpenCL Devices and FPGAs or Intel® SDK for OpenCL™ Applications.

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