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Interested in becoming a Micron partner or supplier?

Registration in Micron’s prospective supplier list formalizes your company’s interest in becoming a Micron supplier.

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New supplier onboarding

Have you been contacted by our team for a procurement opportunity? 
  1. Review our supplier expectations below
  2. Initiate supplier self-registration
  3. Complete the registration form
  4. Depending on the product/service provided, complete the qualification form

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Existing supplier support


Supplier expectations

Micron expects our suppliers to meet high standards of quality and ethical performance in all our business transactions. We also require suppliers to agree to our Purchase Terms and Conditions and Supplier Requirements Standard. Some suppliers can complete our supplier onboarding process in less than a day because they reviewed the documents below before starting.

Supplier Requirements Standard (SRS)

Our suppliers are bound by our Code of Conduct, ethical standards, and RBA norms on labor, health, safety, environment, ethics, and management, beyond local customs or laws. They must ensure their products and services comply with all applicable laws, regulations, and contract specifications. We are dedicated to ethical and legal sourcing, conducting due diligence on our supply chain, and addressing any conflict mineral sourcing that may indirectly or directly support civil unrest or human rights abuses in the Democratic Republic of the Condo or neighboring countries.

Downloadable Versions: 



Purchase Terms and Conditions

Micron has a standard set of Terms & Conditions suppliers must agree to prior to being fully onboarded.

Financial and Tax Documents

Micron requires certain financial and tax information to complete due diligence and establish a way to pay for products/services. Please submit a W-9 form, if based in the United States, and a Sales Tax Questionnaire. If based outside the United States, please submit the appropriate W-8 form. During the registration process, you will be requested to submit an EFT (electronic file transfer) form.

Downloadable Documents and Relevant Links:

W-9 form 

W-8 form instructions 

Sales Tax Questionnaire